Spray type controller who tastes feelings that scribble on a wall with Wii「WiiSpray」

  • 2009/04/08(水) 00:13:36

There might be a lot of people that the hand was not able to be put out even if redrawing is not effective and it has been interested in Graffiti to begin with in the reason for the crime graffiti in the discreet place etc. , too, if it doesn't paint out if paint becomes unpleasant because of the dirt of clothes and the hand and smells and is drawn once.

There are people who have achieved the idea of such a problem at a dash solution and "It is not ..might be happy.. if Graffiti can be drawn with Wii".
From WiiSpray.com

pray..can..type..holder..controller..set in..use..this..media..course..spring..prototype..complete..have. Mr. Martin Lihs also included a prototype that differed quite from the prototype No.1 to assume the master's thesis and was new also by original and the hardware software design of the supervision of the Jens Geelharr professor, the Ursula Damm professor, and Mr. Jan Sieber and developed alone afterwards. In the version introduces this time when it is called "WiiSpray 2nd edition", "Consist basically only of Wii and Flash" is so.

The lefthanded person and the right-handed person can similarly use because only there are no button etc. , and it pushes the nozzle like actually using the spray, and the paint can be done by the range and the density corresponding to the distance from strength (Pressure is judged by 128 stages) that pushes the spray and the wall (screen). The stencil can do the character and the figure by using the type. A charge and the latest firmware can be loaded with USB. The movie of seeming to actually use it : as follows.

YouTube- WiiSpray Teaser


To our regret, information on commercialization might become a hit as a Graffiti tool that no dirt of clothes and either the arrest are done if commercialized though it has not gone out. I hear that the operation was do a sense and wanted you to play as going even by the child about the creativity of the user such as doing the paint after a favorite photograph and the image are taken because the freedom degree of can use is easily high. The future the artist now though it is a beta version etc. with the friend who lives in the other side of the earth in there was software that enables two or more users to draw one work by the collaboration, too might become possible


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