Japan can be regained light or is an amount of the photovoltaic generation and falls the 3rd place in Japan.

  • 2009/04/08(水) 00:00:53

What is News of Japan today?

In the investigation of REN21, Germany is 5.4 million kilowatts in 1st place in a total installed capacity of the photovoltaic generation at the end of 2008. 2nd place is Spain that increases rapidly in one year and reached 2.3 million kilowatts.  Japan of 1.97 million kilowatts is pulled out by Spain and falls to 3rd place. It gained a lead on only 40% or less of Germany from which it had been deprived of a top seat in 05 further.

The capacity of the photovoltaic generation that had been newly set up in 08 retreated from the previous year's 3rd place to 4th place. The new establishment capacity of last year of one year is the world's largest with 1.7 million kilowatts more than one large-scale nuclear power plant. SpainIn 2nd place, Japan was 240,000 kilowatts in 4th place in the United States (300,000 kilowatts) in Germany ( 1.5 million kilowatts) and 3rd place.

"It is a failure in complete as the policy. "Tetsuya Iida and the head of the environmental energy policy laboratory point out the 3rd place fall of Japan. In addition,「A green New Deal that is measures to boost the economy by the environment investment. the renewable energy useThe amount is very little though Japan also has obligated the use of a constant amount to the electric power company. 」It criticizes.


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