As for the resolution, four times and Sony of a full high-definition television start the spread of "4K".

  • 2009/04/06(月) 09:06:33

What is News of Zipangu today?


Sony seems to have started the spread of the standard that was called "4K" that achieved a high resolution that hit the four times though it was a full high-definition television with the feeling that had become familiar at last because of the spread of the high-definition television.

Do you spread in the future also at home though are a super-high resolution of 4096×2160 "4K" though the resolution of a full high-definition television is 1920×1080, and will first spread it from the movie theater?

This is 22.2ch acoustic system. A three-dimensional sound has been achieved by arranging 24 speakers in an upper layer, an inside layer, and the lower layer. It seems to be difficult to set it up in the home.


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