Strengthening 'Satellite' failure the United States analyzes the North Korea missile launching government and punishment.

  • 2009/04/06(月) 08:39:26

What is News of Zipangu today?

North Korea launched one long distance ballistic missile under the pretext of the space satellite at the morning of the fifth about 11:30.

The missile passes over the sky over the Tohoku region in Japan, and damage in a Japanese area is not confirmed. The Self Defense Forces did not take the destruction measures by missile defense (MD). The U.S. authorities assumed that the tip fell from the second step to the Pacific Ocean and denied succeeding though announced the success "Space satellite" was launched on the same day North Korea. Japanese Government criticizes, "Important provocation", and requests the adoption of a new condemnation in another and U.N. Security Council of the plan to strengthen sanctions to North Korea for the launching. The tense relation of Japan and North Korea has risen further by launching North Korea.

North Korea launched one long distance ballistic missile that called the space satellite at the morning of the fifth about 11:30 and had advanced the preparation from the base of [musudanri]. The missile passed over the sky over the Tohoku region in Japan. The falling object to Japanese territory and territorial waters is not confirmed, and damage is not reported. The Self Defense Forces judged that there was no fall to a Japanese area, and the destruction measures by MD was not taken.

According to the government, the missile was launched aiming at the east. The separated rocket of the first step is presumed to be a fall at 11:37 to the Sea of Japan of about 280 kilos in the west in Akita Prefecture.

Rocket..Japan..east..kilo..Pacific Ocean..fall..prognostic information..announce..fall..confirm..afterwards..analyze..correction.Whether where the second step rocket dropped cannot be confirmed though the track was pursued up to the east and about 2,100 kilos of Japan for 48 minutes. The Air Self-Defense Force plane searching for the fall presumption sea area in the Akita Prefecture offing when noticeable by one step discovered the discoloration of the surface of the sea.

One Minister of Defense Yasushi Hamada explains at the afternoon of the same day, "It takes time to analyze whether it is a space satellite a little" in reporters.

However, Public Management Minister Kunio Hatoyama clarified that the electric wave of the insistence on North Korea with the space satellite from the satellite was not received.

The government is analyzing this missile as the type to improve the Taepo Dong No.2 of two step expression to three step expression.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force develops two Aegis destroyers equipped with sea-based Standard Missile "SM3" with the Sea of Japan. The Air Self-Defense Force disposed ground-to-air antiballistic missile "PAC3" to Akita and Iwate both prefectures and metropolitan areas, and was taking the situation that was able to be launched at once.


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