It is a sales promotion aim of "Harmony handle" vending machine kimono design in Kyoto City Office.

  • 2009/04/02(木) 05:33:33

The vending machine where all aspects had been printed of "Harmony handle" used.. appeared in Nishijin textile and Yuzen-printed kimono in Kyoto City Office

It matches so that promoting the sales of the kimono design to not only the kimono but also various usages may renew five by the aim, and staff of a city tradition industrial section conceive use to the vending machine. The design that the member of the Japanese designer society had drawn for the belt and the kimono was used.
It is a design colorful as Ume is drawn in the keynote, and the canned coffee is a staff , saying that "It is different" as for bright red and purple. The city asks the enterprise for cooperation to increase the usage of the accumulating kimono design in the future.


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