If it is a missile launch, does Security Council reference = Japan allow it "Interception"?President of South Korea

  • 2009/04/01(水) 09:23:52

【 current events on the 1st in London 】Prime Minister Taro Aso conferred with a well-informed leader in South Korea Li Ming at the hotel in the London city on the morning (evening of the same day of Japan standard time) of the first. As for advancing of North Korea the launching preparation of a long distance ballistic missile by "Space satellite" pretext, both leaders are corresponding by recognition with "The launching clearly violates Security Council's resolution". When North Korea actually launched it, it was confirmed to refer to Security Council jointly with the United States.

North Korea is notified of that "Satellite" is launched on 4?8 day beforehand. The Prime Minister showed the idea, "(If it was launched) It took up in U.N. Security Council, and corresponded firmly" about this, and the president responded , saying that "Agree completely". The Japanese Government source was said, "The possibility of a new Security Council resolution (..drinking.. proposal) is done to the mind for putting".
The president clarified the idea to allow intercepting as "In Japan, any measures was able to be taken to protect the people, and South Korea admitted it" for the government's being advancing the interception preparation by missile defense (MD) system in preparation for "Satellite" fall to Japanese territory and territorial waters.


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