Kyoto University graduation ceremony

  • 2009/03/29(日) 08:44:35

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Kyoto University

The graduation ceremony as big as Kyoto was the synthesis of the this university study of Kyoto City Sakyo Ward gym on the 24th, and 2767 ten faculty people in total obtained the diploma.

Kyoto University 2

The president called by the address, "Because the reckless driving of the individual desire that the contemporary society had permitted was prevented by wisdom and the culture, it really wants a leading role in the world". The student who mixes with the suit and the long-sleeved dress appearance, and wraps in unique clothes like giraffe and frog's arrival etc. also attends. Saori Matsui (22) of Department of Medicine that would work from next month as an occupational therapist was speaking, "I want to work like being able to sympathize with patient's mind".


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