It the first works by Norika and the smile.

  • 2009/03/29(日) 08:37:46

what is News of Japan today ?

Actress who divorces talent and [Tomonori] Jinnai (35) and [Norika] Fujiwara (37) perform to the Fuji Television Network relay of "K?1 WORLD GP" done in Yokohama Arena as a commentator on the 28th. Divorce first ..configuration.. work on the 23rd after [ta] was handled in feelings cheerfully.

It is K-1 for Norika. One has a special desire. It is selected by the queen grapple visual of this bureau-affiliated "SRS" in 96 the debut of year fourth, and the column is written on the Sankei Sports grapple side. Full support of the grapple fan was received as a goddess of the grapple field, and a large break was done starting with it. It is a place that can be said, the spot seat in the ringside is "Starting point" of the public entertainments activity.

Norika to watch the exciting game with a red dress that emphasizes the breast gets excited greatly , saying that "Did you do?" because it enumerated both hands when big fan's Peter arts (38) won. 「The age is "SUGOI" though it only one differs. It was impressed by strong willpower. 」With courage of "Start afresh"

I cant belive her.


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