It is 70 percent in [i] business bad direction public opinion poll and highest the Cabinet Office in the past.

  • 2009/03/29(日) 08:00:15

The Cabinet Office was the 28th and the most a lot of 2nd place was 57.5% every 68.6% according to the announced "Public opinion poll concerning the social consciousness" result the percentage of those who had answered "Field toward bad direction" (two or more answers) in the current Japanese situation, "Business" of "Employment and working condition". Recession's according to the U.S. finance crisis becoming the highest after both 1998 that entered assorted traits, and making anxious at the national life became the reliefs.

As the economic policy requested from the government, "It was necessary to strengthen mainly the tax and the social security" (38・7%) increased from an investigation the last of last year by 3.3 points, and "System improvement for which the effort to the income improvement was made the best use of" (31・1%) and "Side support to the effort to the income improvement" (17・5%) were exceeded.

Moreover, after four entered years assorted traits, the person who thought, "It was necessary to value the entire people's profits more than the individual interests" became the highest exceeding 56.6% and half the number. The tendency to request the stability of the difference correction and the society etc. can be received ..showing...


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