After it gives birth of hitomi, the sing enthusiastically first and live.

  • 2009/03/29(日) 07:57:42

what is News of Japan today?

Singer's hitomi performed to the event the 20th anniversary of correspondence course teaching material brand 'Child [charenji]' done with Tokyo and ZEPP TOKYO '[Daiji] is [kken] concert' the guest on Sunday, the 29th, and the sing enthusiastically such as new song "Meadow in Kokoro" and "LOVE 2000".

After it gave birth to the girl last December, hitomi that came in the first, public place reports that consciousness as mother budded , saying that "Differing before it gets pregnant has consideration that I have someone". It talked about the appearance in which my child's growth was actually felt, "Enjoy it what wind the daughter grew up.." every day pleasing.


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