Experiment end in fiscal year 2008 in wave activated power generation

  • 2009/03/27(金) 23:30:44

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Kobe University

The development team of the wave activated power generation made from Kobe University etc. ended the experiment at current year that in the bay in Susami-cho. The Kobe University graduate school engineering research course and the [kamihiroshi] professor of the representative of the team「The prospect that was able to be put to practical use by this experiment adhered. I want to commercialize it by the end of 2010. 」It solved and the desire was shown.

It is "Highly effective giro type wave activated power generation system" to advance the experiment that the [kami] professor has been researching since 01 years. The development team is made from "Alpha technique laboratory" (Kobe City) with which the equipment related to Kobe University, Tottori University, the environment, and power generation is produced in fiscal year 2004 in the mechanism, that is, more efficient than a past wave activated power generation and it has experimented on the Sea of Japan side. It experimented by setting up the wave-power device (15 meters in width, 9 meters in depth, 3.3 meters in height, and 37 tons in weight) from October last year to February this year in the vicinity of the Susami fishing port to take the data of the Pacific Ocean side.
As a result, it is said that it was able to be confirmed that it is a device that can be launched out into the characteristic and the practical use of the Pacific Ocean side of obtaining a constant wave compared with the Sea of Japan side.
Venture company "Giro dynamics" established by the team member even if study results of Kobe University are made the best use of in April manufactures of the wave activated power generation system and to sell it, succeeds the development business. The last experiment is scheduled to be done in autumn after the promotion is received from "New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization" (NEDO), and it maintains and it remodels it. The place examines Susami-cho again. It is said that it will experiment outside the bay where a stronger wave is obtained next time, and it wants to take long-term data though it has set up up to now in the bay.
The [kami] professor「It is thought that the spread is difficult while the device is expensive, and I want to suppress the price to cheapness as much as possible. There is not needing the fuel, can consideration of the environment or neither pollution nor a noise, too and it is PR in the fishery that the influence is a little. 」It spoke.


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