Even NTT DoCoMo announces "Dingdong mail" opposition plan "E-mail use [ho-dai]" of au.

  • 2009/10/31(土) 13:02:39

NTT DoCoMo announced opposition plan "E-mail use [ho-dai]" though it was announced to begin epoch-making new plan "Dingdong mail" in which the sending and receiving of mail became free without asking the capacity of the other party and the attached file in the model symposium at 1095 yen a month in the winter of the au autumn of 2009 that KDDI did on October 19 on November 9.

It is regrettable that it is not a content that the opposition plan of mobile similar Softbank and NTT DoCoMo also follows completely to au though [sofutobankumobairu] has already announced the opposition plan on October 23.

NTT DoCoMo sends and receives not only DoCoMo but also the cellular phone etc. of the other companies only by paying 1095 yen (newly established price plan "Simplicity TM of the type (value)" of the basic rental 780 yen and the i-mode addition function rental monthly sum at 315 yen a month) in total every month by mail and seems ..shooting.. to begin according to this release on "E-mail use [ho-dai]" December 1 that becomes [dai].

This is a price plan of "E-mail use [ho-dai]". Packet transmission excluding mail can be used by the fixed amount as it becomes possible to use the i-mode communication by the upper bound 4410 yen because the packet fixed amount service is packaged.

It is regrettable that the feeling that is an insufficient plan not to have both the telephone call fixed amount is incontrovertible because it doesn't follow in "Specified telephone call fixed amount" in which the telephone call with three users who specified it at 390 yen a month becomes 24 hours free though it is the same condition as mobile similar Softbank "Dingdong mail", and an opposition plan of the same charge.

報道発表資料 : iモードメールが無料で利用可能な新料金プランを提供開始 | お知らせ | NTTドコモ


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