Pay streaming service "Between theaters" to beginning following Nintendo and "Between Wii" within the year

  • 2009/10/31(土) 13:00:03


It was clarified will begin newly pay streaming service "Between theaters" within the year though service "Between Wii" in which Nintendo delivered a free program in cooperation with the enterprise etc. for Wii and the Nintendo DS had been started in May this year.

Will you really think that what contents are delivered?Moreover, the use state of "Between Wii" at present also turns out.

President and Representative Director Satoshi Iwata of Nintendo seems to have clarified that pay streaming service "Between theaters" was begun in the lecture on the 57th and private broadcasting whole country rally that The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan sponsored within 2009 following free streaming for Wii service "Between Wii" according to the report of Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc..

I hear that a pay delivery in foreign countries is examined in the future after it is enumerated that contents of Japan named the game, the animated cartoon, and the image are accepted in foreign countries, and that it is assumed that the delivery of the archive produced in the past is also possible and it called for the active participation for the broadcaster though details of delivered contents are not clarified.

It is not a fixed charge system of the monthly sum account etc. , the account of each contents is examined though it is an account system that is anxious, and it is assumed that the system of small [gakukakin] used for the download sales etc. of software including a virtual console now is used.

Moreover, the use state of streaming service "Between Wii" that had been being offered since May seems to have been talked about that users at the time of, October 26 were 2.48 million people after it had been expressed, "Response is immature though it was".

Does "Between theaters" really become the one accepted by how much user though PS3 of Sony that becomes a rival other party and Xbox360 of Microsoft have already started a pay delivery of the high-definition television image contents etc.

It is felt that it is necessary to overwhelm the other companies on the number and the charge side etc. of not the image quality side when thinking Wii doesn't correspond to the high-definition television though the high-definition television is rapidly widespread by the shift to the terrestrial digital broadcasting but delivered contents.


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