The game corresponding to a sale or full HD also will : new Wii by which Nintendo installed Blu-ray next year.

  • 2009/10/31(土) 12:56:11


Information that there was a possibility that new Wii that was able to play the game corresponding to full HD by newly installing the Blu-ray drive will be put on the market next year was done and Leake was done the other day though what Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. had reported that they put "Nintendo DS i" that strengthened a new Nintendo DS and [majikon] measures that Nintendo becomes a large screen further on the market collected the big topics.

Nintendo might be a story thought about according to a worldwide spread trend of the high-definition television because the turning on time of Wii corresponding to the high-definition television is described in June, "When the high-definition television becomes general all over the world, it is likely to turn it on" though it is information to the end that doesn't come out from the region of rumor.

The person named "Artik" that had offered MAXCONSOLE the leaked information including a lot of inside information up to now seems to have offered information "Nintendo puts the successor of Wii on the market all over the world simultaneously in the third quarter of 2010" according to overseas game information site "MAXCONSOLE". By the way, the formal announcement of the successor is scheduled to be done grandly one month before the sale.

Information..put addition to..full..corresponding, it is assumed that there is an aim of preventing piracy in the background in which the Blu-ray drive is adopted, too.

Are there some relations though it is clarified that Freescale Semiconductor that existed in the cooperation relation with Nintendo in Nintendo and the Wii business ordered a large amount of work of a system and technological development, etc. to IBM that develops the processor that is called "BroadWay" of the PowerPC base for Wii in July?

Because new model PS3 that succeeded in the thin type and lightening in August after doing time similarly and doing a large amount of order to IBM Sony that requests the large production increase to OEM manufacturer in Taiwan that manufactures parts of PS3 and had become low-priced was announced, the development in the future is very anxious.
MAXCONSOLE - Nintendo Wii - Exclusive: Wii 2 specs leaked, Blu-ray enabled and 1080p support?


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