Shining false eyelash that shows bright eye origin at night「LED Eyelash」

  • 2009/10/31(土) 12:52:57


There seems to be a luminescence type false eyelash that keeps shining no matter how it is dark though the false eyelash is becoming an indispensable item of [mechikara] ([medikara]) improvement it is from the one to put out the volume feeling to the false eyelash to the one ..starlike.. done, and sales also in the hundred-yen store now for the woman.

It is likely to be able to become existence that attracts attention by applying it with the party and the club, etc. that change for a moment though it might be the one that there is resistance in use in daily life.

This "LED Eyelash" seems to be what artist group "Soomi Park" that acted in Seoul designed, and the model and the cameraman who has appointed it to be the people who belong to "Soomi Park" everything, too.

It seems can do nothing but actually endure "LED Eyelash" with the false eyelash ..starlike.. worn under the present situation by no sales. :: 2007 LED Eyelash_ Interactive Costume (original work from 2005)


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