The telephoto lens where the zoom taking a picture of eight optics times the digital camera level is achieved with Nintendo DS i appears.

  • 2009/10/31(土) 12:46:19

The telephoto lens that was able to be taken a picture by the optical zoom which eight times or less became the digital camera levels appeared as peripherals for handheld game platform "Nintendo DS i" of Nintendo.

It seems to be able to enjoy taking a picture more further by using the telephoto lens though it is Nintendo DS i that comes to be able to contribute the photograph taken with the installed camera to SNS.

According to this release, "Nyko Technologies" of the peripherals manufacturer of the game machine that set up the base in Los Angeles in the United States seems to have put "Zoom Case" on the market for Nintendo DS i. The price is 24.99 dollars (about 2300 yen).

"Zoom Case" combines the protection case with Nintendo DS i, and the one that the camera of Nintendo DS i makes taking a picture of eight times or less the optical zoom possible in using the telephoto lens that makes a set besides it comes to be able to prevent the wound.

Does the retail store that is imported and sold in Japan come out though it is not clarified in Japan whether put on the market either?If the one corresponding to "Nintendo DS i LL" that becomes a new model by whom the screen is enlarged considering the demand stimulation in the aged layer formally announced by Nintendo the other day etc. is put on the market, even the user of a high age group might come to be able to enjoy taking a picture readily.

Point, Shoot and Share: Nyko Zoom Case for Nintendo DSi Zips its Way to Store Shelves


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