New model "Nintendo DS i LL" that adopts a big liquid crystal screen of almost the same size as Nintendo and PSP is put on the market.

  • 2009/10/31(土) 12:40:29

It is new model "Nintendo DS i LL" to look new eyes that adopted 4.2-inch liquid crystal display that hits almost the same size as PSP of Sony that installs the liquid crystal display of 4.3 inches.

A dotted line part of the above-mentioned image is a Nintendo DS The size of the screen of Lite is shown.

Nintendo seems to put "Nintendo DS i LL" on the market as a newest model of the Nintendo DS series according to this release on November 21. The price is 20,000 yen and has three kinds of main body colors, that is, "Dark Brown", "Wine red", and "Natural white".

In hard respect, specs are almost the same as DSi in extent into which some sizes and thickness change. It is a point that "Adult DSi training liberal arts course/chapter of the science course that strengthens the brain for a moment" and "[Meikagami] national language [rakuhi] dictionary" were built into built-in DSi software as for a remarkable change.

The main body becomes jumbo and the touch pen is jumbo.
A jumbo touch pen in addition to a usual touch pen seems to be attached to "Nintendo DS i LL". Is does it image and the size of the fountain pen though it is [zurai]?


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