USB thumb drive that enters [kirihako], and finishes gracefully by native wood lacquer paint + gold foil

  • 2009/09/29(火) 21:33:48


Do you be a Japanese style writer this graceful object or sleep?Or, the pencil case?Chopstick case?

It is thin to the utmost limit, and it is cutting down, and this excellent article that is finished up by the lacquer paint, and finished up in addition with gold foil as for the tree with broad leaves. It is actually USB thumb drive.

This USB thumb drive that arose in collaboration with "Foil 1" of "I-O Data Device" and [kanazawahaku] with which feeling of luxury overflows. There are 11 all kinds of patterns.

Sticking to way of feeling ease in click feeling "[Kachi]" of shutting condition with lid that protects main body of U SB memory and terminal USB. In addition, because it is goods only of this, the box is also superior.

After it jumps, the box of reverent feeling :.

It seems to be surprised to think what kind of superior goods it is when it is such lacquer paint and in the box of the paulownia, there are goods of gold foil.

The capacity of essential USB thumb drive is 4GB. Sleep that might be good if what data is put in such USB thumb drive. Genealogical tree. May there be information of the decoration or the garden party by me?

The price is a reference price 9980 yen (including tax).


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