The oldest in the country and stone implement discovery about 120,000 years ago … Sandy plain ruins in Izumo

  • 2009/09/29(火) 21:30:18

The stone implement 20 points thought to be the oldest domestically were found from the stratum of Middle Paleolithic era about 120,000 years ago in the sandy plain ruins in the Shimane Prefecture Izumo City Taki-cho.

The same ruins science excavation investigation committee (leader = Matsufuji Japanese and professor of Doshisha University) announced the 29th. There is a possibility of going back from ruins that have been said to be the oldest up to now for tens of thousands of years.

The stone implement is length 5.2?1・5 centimeter, and the material is quartz and rhyolite, etc.It seems to have processed it by lighting the repetition of the stone from the state on the surface.

It is on the slope in the foothill, and the investigation ground discovers the stone implement one point of the knife by Toshiro Naruse and Hyogo University of Education professors emeritus (physiography) in August this year, and requests the investigation from Prof. Matsufuji et al.. When the surrounding was excavated, 19 points were found. The age of the stone implement of the excavation stratum was judged from the volcanic ash layer on etc. soon.

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