Mr. Tsujii Nobuyuki"I want to become a splendid pianist with a large container. "

  • 2009/06/10(水) 22:06:01

Tsujii Nobuyuki

Pianist who won the championship in an international van Cliburn piano contest of the United States and Mr. (20) Tsujii Nobuyuki had a press conference at the hotel in Tokyo on the tenth. A tired appearance is doesn't show, and a from beginning to end radiant expression though it just returned home on the ninth. About the first heroic deed in the Japanese「In a considerably difficult contest, play the new song. You may see the score, play, and it be necessary to remember for me. It was possible to play it safely though it had a hard time. 」It turned around.

「Music has acted up to now but happily but really not painful. The pianist who respects it is Kissin. When I can also emit such a sound because a weak sound is emitted terribly and beautifully. It wants to make up my music more, and to become a splendid pianist with a large container. 」It talked about the ambition.

The question with "Favorite tune" was answered, "Debussy and Chopin". I seem to like karaoke etc.

To the question with "Eyes are seen"「I want to see parents' faces. I want to see the sea or fireworks. However, it satisfies it enough because it is seen by eyes of the mind now. 」It answered. And,「We wish to express our gratitude to parents really. I want to be relieved them for parents to part early, and to find a good bride. 」It laughed.

Does he start becoming more than this and it become great man?
Why can the piano be played without seeing the score?

We should learn a lot of things from him.
He teaches us a lot of "Thing not visible".


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