Utada heroic deed. The 19th place in second piece album U.S.

  • 2009/03/27(金) 00:06:21


The [rankuin] to 19th place with a total chart of "i‐Tunes music store" where album "This Is the One" of the second piece of Utada (Hikaru Utada =26) has the maximum share of an online music distribution from all over the U.S. has understood the 26th. The delivery starts on the 25th (Japan standard time) as for this album, and the first day is the rank Inn in the 20th synthesis place (pop chart the second place). The 26th is an order the 19th synthesis place (pop three place) that extends, and exceeds popular artist of [Britney-] Spears and Beyonce from all over the U.S..

The main current in place of CD is an online music distribution such as "i‐Tunes music store" though CD sales have decreased sharply all over the U.S.. The number of delivery download in addition to CD sales is counted as for the U.S. billboard chart now. Receiving of album CD sale in the United States the delivery in spite of May and the [rankuin] of the album of Utada within the synthesis the 100th place with the billboard chart dated April 9 surely became it.

Utada all Americans debuts for 04 years by album "EXODUS ([ekisodosu])". Album charts of the billboard magazine were 160th place. The promotion that turns round a television from all over the U.S. and radio station for one month is developed in advance of the online music distribution this time. It is said that it occasionally turned by three cities a day. A local recording label's having positively moved to promotion compared with last time, too led to the order surfacing.

Music parties concerned in the United States「The name of Utada was acknowledged with last album PR. There are a lot of exposures on the radio this time, the request of the listener rises, too and I think that it was reflected in the online music distribution by it. 」It analyzes it.

The event was held by shop "Sephora" on New York 5 street at the delivery first day, 3000 people or more were mobilized, and it was reported to local media. It speaks with "Turning over [bi] ..person related to the record company.. ..Utada-heroic deed following WBC victory..", and the Utada whirlwind seems to occur also in the U.S. music boundary Movie "Turning over [bi]" following Samurai Japan.


Official Website UTADA http://www.utada.jp/


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