Tuvalu government endorsement. Gegege no Kitaro "Official money" appears.

  • 2009/06/18(木) 21:14:17

"It is a senior for ten years" is "Gegege no Kitaro. " in addition. It is said that official money of the government endorsement will appear very much in commemoration of the 40th birth anniversary.

It is "Official commemoration money of the 40th Gegege no Kitaro birth anniversary. " that the mail order limited offer is put on the market at 6/12 (Friday). It is genuine "Legal tender" that British Tuvalu government issues

「The proof coin of complete unused (coin with which a flat face glows by usually and the difference nonconventional machining like the mirror) that uses and cast the solid gold one ounce and pure silver five ounces of the highest quality. It is money formally issued by the Tuvalu government, and "Money that the face value adheres. " unlike the medallion struck in commemoration of etc.」

It is said that a lot of "Official commemoration money" such as "Milky Way railway 999" and "Osamu Tezuka" has appeared from Tuvalu actually up to now, and a part of sales is used for environmental measures of Tuvalu.

There is being put on the market by two kinds of this time. Kitaro and Medama Oyaji are designed 100Tuvaru dollar gold coin of the raised solid gold the polish like the mirror. Moreover, NezumiOtoko, NekoMusume, and Nurikabe, etc. appear in dollar five Tuvalu silver coin that uses the virgin silver. It is a lively design.

"The signature of Mizuki is reproduced in the coin as it is by the original writer's Mr. Mizuki Shigeru official recognition" Each coin pays to the case with the goddess of mercy opening and, in addition, is delivered.

The price of five-ounce silver coin is 248,000 yen one-ounce gold coin, and 59,800 yen. The casting is executed in Perth Mint Bureau of the west Australian government public management, and the specially-made decoration case and the entire issue certificate are set.



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