Kimiko Date Krumm "Contribution and results" is the reason for recommendation Wimbledon singles.

  • 2009/06/17(水) 20:52:06

Kimiko Date Krumm
Wimbledon championship of tennis that begins on the 22nd. The Jarrett decision chairman gave the women's singles this war participation right to Kimiko Date Krumm in the 138th world ranking place by the organizer recommendation on the ninth. About the reason"

Application from the player side is received and the organizer examines the recommendation participation frame that is called a wild-card. It is given by a powerful player who decreases the world ranking due to the breakdown etc. as there are a promising player and results of local.

Date 38-year-old left the strong impression as the second performed the exciting game of the borrowing in Steffi Graf and the semifinal that had been won the championship in the rally in 1996. However, it retires from the active service once by this age. There was a blank up to last year's return, and it became a warm reception of the exception. It becomes participation after an interval of 13 years.

The Australia opening in January this year defeats Date by the first round. French Open until the seventh abstained by the qualification 1st routine on the way because of the pain in a left calf.


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