Doraemon and Hollywood are collaboraiton. Terminator appearance in this volume of special for one hour

  • 2009/06/16(火) 19:35:48


"Doraemon" in which project such as "Postponing Futoshi's town after 30 years made from everyone" is done in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of animated cartoon. It was announced that "Terminator" performed special on June 26 in one hour of the broadcasting schedule special.

How do you approach the Doraemon of the cat type robot with a lot of secret tools in the movie though it is a terminator who shows off overwhelming strength compared with man?

のび太を抹殺せよ?「ドラえもん」に「ターミネーター」が登場! - シネマトゥデイ


It is an original story "Nymph who loved postponing Futoshi" of "Doraemon "Special" for one hour" broadcast on June 26 that the terminator appears. "Terminator" doesn't become becoming of the ultimate weapon that appears climatically in the instruction of boiling and Walther who did the industry in Rury that doesn't erase postponing Futoshi easily with the story that she was what boss Walther of the organization of evil that attempts postponing Futoshi's erasure sent from the future though Rury of the care robot comes to postponing Futoshi's origin one day "Terlinator" it.

Terlinator shows both appearances in the state of the android only of the frame to understand it is neither a state it is nor man of doing the appearance of man of a powerful face at once. What activity you show is anxious. It is not announced about the radio actor. Does Mr.Genda Tesshyo that has digested a lot of dubbing Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger up to now take charge of the voice?



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