Express gratitude to living thing for goldfish discharge Higashiyama such as maikoes and Gion Hojyoe

  • 2009/06/12(金) 02:18:38

gion Kyoto
Poetic event "Gion Hojyoe" of Kyoto where the importance of food such as fish and the vegetables was actually felt at the early summer was held the seventh the southeast large gracious deity in Kyoto City Higashiyama Ward ago, and maikoes released the goldfish into Shirakawa.

Hojyoe must hold a service of the living thing that says as food. Buddhist rite. Hojyoe opens by priests every year, and is the 25th in this year.
About 2000 goldfishes that had entered the inside and tree disregarding that a lot of tourists and the shutter bugs watched were moved to the bridge while reciting the prayer. The goldfish had been slowly set loose to Shirakawa with the maiko.


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