GLAY。The sing enthusiastically freely and live for five years.

  • 2009/06/10(水) 01:57:45

The rock band that came the 15th majors debut anniversary of this year and GLAY did free live in the memorial park in Yokohama after an interval of about five years on the seventh.

It notified with official HP in Kanto region at 8:00AM of this day because it free the first time, and live. The fan, that is, about 15,000 people crowded around the hall.

TERU(37) of a hot inside and the vocal of the temperature 27 degrees barked , saying that "Let's spend happy time for a moment though it was hot".
The sing enthusiastically of collection tune etc. "I am xxx" of best album "THE GREAT VACATION VOL.1" of the sale on the tenth.

Live of 150,000 people is scheduled on the Nissan stadium on 15th and 16th in August, and TERU :. 「It acted for 15 years. Let's enjoy it. 」It solved and reunion was sworn. The hall tour (ten places) is started on the 15th. The arena tour is scheduled in November.


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