The regret of the university of Mao Inoue life"Joint party"

  • 2009/03/26(木) 23:55:56

Inoue Mao

Actress's Mao Inoue attended the graduation ceremony of Department of Literature at Meiji University with [hakamasugata].

Inoue who looked back on four years is a smile , saying that "It was happy to be yearning to a usual campus life" , saying that "It went to the dining room all, it took a course in, and it came off at the intervals and went to play". Though it reveals when it occasionally went to play in man and woman's group when it is asked as the existence of the man friend like “F4" ([ikemenguru-pu] of drama "Boy from the flower")「Meiji era. ..putting out.. !Say....However, it away for a moment?」。It seems not to have developed into the love relationship. 「Doing and having left it are joint party. I wanted to experience one degree. 」。


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