Stylish the second stage production of SF action animated cartoon "DARKER THAN BLACK" is decided.

  • 2009/06/09(火) 15:35:56

SF action animated cartoon "Contractor of DARKER THAN BLACK black". The production of the second stage in shape to answer the expectation was decided though the voice to expect the sequel with the work with high quality where the activities of the special ability people who were called "Contractor" were drawn was not a little.

The serial of "Flower- of DARKER THAN BLACK-lacquer black" might start from Young Guns cancer No.11 of the sale on Friday, May 15, and it seems to become a work that enlivens the animated cartoon cartoon market from 2009 to 2010.

"Contractor of the DARKER THAN BLACK black" is TV animation of 25 all story broadcast in the MBS・TBS system from April through September of 2007, and [ten**] Okamura that supervises "WOLF'S RAIN" "ProjectBLUE earth SOS" takes charge of the original, the supervisor, and the series composition.

The stage of the story is Tokyo where the unknown area that is called "Hell gate ([heruzu] gate)" after it is overcome by the accident ten years ago appears. Man who acquires a special ability of "Contractor" comes to show up after the accident, and intelligence agency in each country is carrying out one's commission so that the black of the hero (Hay) may also collect information that relates to the gate with the member, the silver (Inn) of the organization, the cat ([mao]), and yellows ([hoa;n]) as "Contractor" with "Contractor" sent to Tokyo as an agent to obtain information at the gate. "The flow of electricity is manipulated" the ability of "Contractor" if it is hero's black "Possess it to the animal" etc. should pay the compensation that is called "Contract consideration" to use the ability variously and variously in case of the cat.

Are there any bailouts when becoming shape of sequel of the first stage though it becomes impossible for popular characters who are gone by the first stage to go out?


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