Nintendo puts black Wii and red Nintendo DS i on the market. "Monster hunter 3" bundled packing also

  • 2009/06/08(月) 21:36:09

Nintendo Wii 01

Nintendo announced a new color of game machine "Wii" of leaving untouched and handheld game platform "Nintendo DS i".

I hear that Wii of the lacquer black and Wii in crimson Nintendo DS i put on the market on August 1 soft "Monster hunter 3" bundle packing were offered as for the sale.

A new color is put on the market about "Nintendo DS i" and "Wii". | Press release: June 4, 2009

Nintendo seems to add "Red" that newly adopts the luster specification to portable game machine "Nintendo DS i" according to this release on July 11. The price is the same so far 18,900 yen.

This is "Red. " of Nintendo DS i. It is a luster specification in past coloring without.
Red DSi 01

And, the unredeemable type game machine from August 1 "Wii". An additional sale of "Cros" is newly scheduled, and the price is the same so far 25,000 yen.

Each controller of "Cros" version also schedules the sale. The Wii remote control is 3800 yen.

Nunchakus are 1800 yen.

Classic controller PRO(Black) is put on the market for 2000 yen. Sale schedule of here of "White" on the same day.

Packing to which Wii of "Monster hunter 3" and the "Black" version and "Classic controller PRO(White)" are bundled seems to be put on the market on August 1. The price is 33,000 yen.

Sale schedule of packing to which "Monster hunter 3" and "Classic controller PRO" are bundled for 8490 yen. Here is "Black" version.

"White" Version

The wear privilege "Monster hunter 3" ahead turns out. Either of one adheres among figures that reproduce three kinds of heads.


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