The outlook on the world of PS3 software "FINAL FANTASY XIV(FF14)" suddenly announced obviously :. There is a movie of the HD image quality, too.

  • 2009/06/07(日) 18:06:07

ff14 00

An official site opened formally.

The trailer of the screen shot and the HD image quality is open to the public on an official site, and it can know what outlook on the world it is.

Please click "Read More" to see details.

This is a screen shot of "FINAL FANTASY XIV".
ff14 01

Is this a hero?
ff14 02

What is This ??????
ff14 03

It explodes and it blazes up.
ff14 04

Beautiful scenery
ff14 05

Chokobo will appear this time.
ff14 06

The character that appears in "Final Fantasy XI" fights.
ff14 08

ff14 09

A huge enemy raids.
ff14 10

The corresponding model of "FINAL FANTASY XIV" is PS3. The personal computer can play. 2010 year is scheduled at the release date, and the price and the play charge are undecided.
ff14 11

It can watch the HD image quality version of the open to the public trailer on an official site.



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