A popular cartoon of Fujisawa Toru revives for seven years. From next week's "Boy magazine"

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40 million or more was sold, and it was the third clarified to the drama and the movie that cartoon "GTO" of popular Fujisawa Toru revived by "Weekly boy magazine" after an interval of seven years. It is serialized from No.28 of the sale on the tenth.

"GTO" is an educational institution cartoon that becomes the teacher of the junior high school in Tokyo by defective Eikichi Onitsuka who is the strongest in Shonan before, and is reborn of problem child's class by an offbeat educational concept. The appearance of Onitsuka who used a fatty hurling was popular among serious themes of disorder in the classroom and the bullying, etc. together with the gag. One large boom was caused as it was made into a film besides having been made to the drama by starring Mr. Sorimachi Takashi in 98 in 99, and the TV animation version was broadcast.

The new work revives the 50th anniversary as commemoration. In Shonan that is Onitsuka's hometownThe shape of a new episode not the sequel but in the work is taken, and it is published by a serial form.


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