Install "PSP Go" and the very large memory, etc. in new model PSP of Sony and to turning on

  • 2009/05/31(日) 22:39:07

psp go 00
The standard nomenclature is "PSP Go". Two or more powerful software seems to be turned on by the slide type model equipped with the very large memory.

It seems to have clarified details of new PSP"PSP Go" through service "Qore" of the delivery of the program of the HD image quality that was able to be watched through PLAYSTATION Network to which the monopoly news that Sony was progressing in the United States and a detailed game preview and the developer interview, etc. were delivered every month.

I hear that "PSP Go" is a slide type, and powerful titles such as "Metal gear solid" series latest works and "[Gurantsu-risumo]" were released besides the memory of 16GB is built into.

This is "PSP Go".

When opening. It is a slide type.

The back. Were you abolished though were not found of the UMD slot?

Place where game is played.


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