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  • 2009/06/02(火) 14:01:26

Oota Yuki Fencing

What is News of Japan Today?

The boy fleuret World Cup of fencing (World Cup) was done the individual competition in Russia on the 26th, was semi-won the championship by Beijing Olympics silver medallist's Ota Yuki, and came in the first international fencing league (FIE) ranking place.

A Japanese player's coming in the first place in FIE rank is first-ever according to Federation Japonaise D'Escrime.

It stood in the victory stand following the World Cup Shanghai rally on the second that had come in 2nd place though Ota was defeated at the Italian player of the Athens Olympics bronze medal with 5?15 in the final.

<< world ranking >> The Olympics, the world title besides the World Cup (World Cup) executed from January through June, and the result of the championship according to each continent are made a score and it decides it. The World Cup has the grand prix rally in the case that a usual rally and the point double, and the point triples as for the Olympics. Ota comes in 2nd place in both grand prix rally of Shanghai and Sankt Peterburg of May, obtains 52 points for each, and has surfaced to the first ranking place. The good record in a silver medal of last year's Beijing Olympics, an Asian championship victory, and a large stage is also large.

O-ta Yuki Fencing 2
O-ta Yuki Fencing 3


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