The judo and Nomura declare the active service continuation. "World 1 again"

  • 2009/06/01(月) 20:04:04

What is News of Japan today?
Nomura Tadahiro

Tadahiro Nomura (34) of 60 theK th boy class who accomplished first-ever 3rd straight victory by the Olympics judo has a press conference in Osaka on the 26th. 「The decision to aim at world 1 as a judo athlete has hardened again. Neither taking money by the London Olympics nor wanting to stop it changes in now and old times. 」The active service continuation was declared to be a description.

Nomura achieves three successive victories of the Olympics from the Atlanta rally in 1996. The ligament of a right knee was missed in 2007 and Beijing Olympics representative's seat of a plasmotomy and last summer was missed. A right knee surgery was received last April, and the retirement was paid to attention.

A few pains remain in a right knee the desire was shown , saying that "There is the enjoyment that challenged, too" though there was age uneasiness, too.


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