"Talent popularity investigation" The first continuous Ichiro place of three times

  • 2009/03/26(木) 23:50:23

The result of "TV personality image investigation" (video research examination and February, 2009) that investigated talent's popularity rating twice a year was announced on the 26th, and the sports player monopolized the top to the man and woman both.

The man talent is 1st place of three continuous times in Ichiro (35) who pulled samurai Japan to successive victories of WBC. Ishikawa [**] (17) of golf zoomed from last 148th place to 9th place. The first female talent place is Mao Asada of figure skating (18). Last time, the first top was acquired from done 4th place in August last year.

- Even the ideal boss is 1st place.

Moreover, Ichiro was chosen as man's 1st place as for the questionnaire that Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. heard "Ideal boss" for the new employee. The woman is actress's ringing engine [miki] .. In this company「There is both reliable atmosphere. In the superior's with the workman skin having ability and being liked at the anxious time」It analyzes it.


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