A smart phone by which Sony adopted Android is being developed.

  • 2009/05/31(日) 19:55:13


Sony Ericsson confirm Android v2.0 handset in the works

It seems to have been described that Mr. Peter Ang who was the vice president of the marketing section of Sony Ericsson who was the cellular phone manufacturer of the Sony group was developing a smart phone that adopted Android according to this article. I hear the emphatic investment in the development of the model by whom Android is adopted and compared with a smart phone etc. equipped with Symbian OS etc.

Android of version 2.0 that is called by the code name of "Donut" seems to be adopted in the smart phone that Sony Ericsson is scheduled to put on the market. It is likely to become a sale after the fourth quarter of this year.

Moreover, because very good convenience to add original UI to Symbian OS that became basic has been achieved, similar UI is expected to be adopted also for the Android adoption terminal of Sony Ericsson in high-end cellular phone "Idou" equipped with 12.1 million-pixel camera that unites "Walkman" and "Cyber-Shot".


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