The Windows XP model is added to mininotebook "VAIO type P" of Sony.

  • 2009/05/30(土) 19:50:04

What is News of Japan Today?
It was clarified that the model by whom Windows XP was newly adopted appeared in mininotebook "VAIO type P" equipped with 1600×768 that Sony had put on the market in January this year high resolution liquid crystals etc.

It might be good news in the having been remaining user because of OS because it can expect operation that is lighter than the previous model that adopts Windows Vista as for purchase.

Sony seems to put the model by whom Windows XP Home Edition SP3 was adopted for OS of "VAIO type P" since Saturday, June 6 on the market. The assumption price is about 85,000 yen and has three kinds of colorings of garnet red, the peridot green, crystallizing white.

The Windows XP model installs HDD and 1600×768 of the the Atom Z520(1.33 GHz) processor, 1GB memory of Intel, and 80GB eight-inch ultra wide liquid crystals etc. , and has the data communication function of NTT DoCoMo that can communicate wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and descending 7.2Mbps for IEEE802.11n as a telecommunication facility.

I hear that I was able to enjoy the reproduction and the Internet etc. of animation and music at once by "XMB (cross media bar)" button push even in the destination because "Instant mode" that was able to be used at once by quick starting from the state of the power-off newly corresponded to the data communication function of DoCoMo moreover.


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