It is a heroic deed for 23 years. The new work of Utada is billboard TOP100 entering.

  • 2009/05/29(金) 19:24:58

New album "This Is The One" of Utada to which all Americans were released on May 12 came in the 69th first appearance place in billboard synthesis album charts "Billboard 200" on May 30.

After LOUDNESS records 64th place in album "Lightning Strikes" (1986), it is a heroic deed that a Japanese artist enters top 100 of the billboard chart after an interval of indeed 23 years. Utada became a building boat top 100 entering Japanese artist of the 7th pair following Sakamoto 9(1963), Tomita Isao (1974?77), Yamashita Tsutomu (1976), Yellow Magic Orchestra (1980), Ono Yoko (1980?84), and LOUDNESS (1985?86).

Sanctuary / Utada Hikaru

Automatic / Utada Hikaru

Fly Me To The Moon / Utada Hikaru

Letters / Utada Hikaru

Travering / Utada Hikaru

Come Back To Me / Utada


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