North Korea turned the missile to Japan and it shot it.

  • 2009/05/26(火) 19:16:08

2009 5 26 North Korea misile

North Korea shot two short-range missiles from the vicinity of the east part of the [hamugyonnamudohamun] city aiming at the Sea of Japan on the afternoon of the 26th. The person related to the South Korea government clarified it. It is thought ground-to-air and each one surface-to-surface missile of the range about 130 kilos.

North Korea has launched the short-range missile for the maneuver period put in spring in the winter at the ordinary year. However, the short-range missile of three total was launched aiming at the Sea of Japan on the 25th when the nuclear test was executed, and the person related to the South Korea government described, "It is provocation that aimed at a political effect though it was a part of the maneuver", too.

The range is tens of 100 kilometer degree though North Korea has the short-range missile such as "KN02" that improve warship short-range missile ground vs. "Silk worm" made in China, "KN01" of the updated version, and the missile of the former Soviet Union.

The short-range missile is enabled not to be enough the ability to attack the target that exists in the territory in the other party country unlike a ballistic missile such as the Nodong that reach Scud by which South Korea almost puts whole land in the range and the greater part of Japan directly, and for Weapons of mass destruction not to be transported.

Do you think that North Korea want to have a fight with Japan?
If North Korea spends money on a nuclear bomb, participating in the world economy is clever.

North Korea starts repeating the mistake that Japan violated before.

The country that fights and is gained doesn't exist.


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