The first infection confirmation in Tokyo … High school student in Hachioji

  • 2009/05/20(水) 23:35:06

Tokyo confirmed high school girl (16) of the Hachioji City living where it had been to the United States on the 20th and the new influenza infection was confirmed. The infected person's having been confirmed excluding Kansai excluding in the case of found by quarantine in New Tokyo International Airport is the first. The infection of schoolboy (23) of Ritsumeikan University was confirmed by Shiga Prefecture. The number of infected persons has increased also in Osaka Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture. 266 people including ..high school student confirmed in New Tokyo International Airport.. four people. a domestic infected personThe municipality to which the infected person is confirmed has extended to four capital prefecture.

The high school girl goes to school to the high school in Kawasaki City. It stayed for the high school to train in New York on the 18th since the 11th this month, and it returned home on the 19th. Influenza A type and B type had undergone the diagnosis with gloominess in quarantine though there were 39 generation of heat when arriving at New Tokyo International Airport.

From mother to the same public health center at 10:00AM of the 20th「There is 40.3 heat. The cough has gone out, too. 」It introduces the generation of heat outpatient in Tokyo with there is a report. A type influenza infection turned out in the simple examination, and new infection was confirmed by the genetic testing of the capital.

The high school girl returned from New Tokyo International Airport to home in the Hachioji city with the friend who had gone with New York by train and bus. It doesn't go out after it comes home. It is said that there is an appetite though generation of heat continues.

The infection spread is received, and the judgment whether to shift a domestic action plan from the second stage (early stage of domestic generation) to the 3rd stage (infection expansion period and spread period) is urged on the government task force.

The government task force is requesting the infection expansion measures of ..necessity.. examination etc. of holding * resident's of closure off-peak commuting, * meeting of the bicycle going to school, and the sports event of the school that assumed the unit of * municipality to be a principle to administrative divisions of which the infected person went out by shown "Point to be checked" on the 16th together. Hyogo Prefecture and Osaka Prefecture close the school in the prefecture whole area for one week, and are taking the measures of the self-imposed control of the event etc.

A preventive administering, and moreover, it is done, and waiting at home is requested from contact to the antiflu drug for seven days when judged that the family and the school official of an infected high school student are those who thick come in contact by having the fear of infection.


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