The full-scale Gundam and the lower half of the body set it up in the earth.

  • 2009/06/03(水) 14:18:55

It is a full-scale Gundam statue in "Sea breeze park" of Tokyo and Odaiba under construction in commemoration of the 30th Gundam anniversary.
The sea breeze park is 5 minutes on foot from Daiba Station or Fune-no-kagakukan Station of "Yurikamome". The leg of huge Gundam catches one's eye when entering the plaza in the sun. The spectacle that the lower half of the body of Gundam soars in the throat Japanese syllabary park where the dog runs is mysterious.

Taking a picture from inside of wall that encloses site

The full-scale Gundam faithfully reproduces "RX-78-2 Gundam" that appears in "Mobile soldier Gundam" so-called first Gundam. It is secretly assembled with the base of a federal army besides parts that the incineration processing is done on side 7 while fighting for one year, and the setting immediately after having done the roll out. Therefore, damage and dirt, etc. do not have arms other than the beam saber in the airframe while it not at all. "Even it is not yet usually though it is the one to put pilot's name around the cockpit. "
Telephoto of leg

In the part of the ankle, there are a lot of cables and pipes to move various gimmicks.

A disclaimer enough reality : to each place. The check on one hand of binoculars and walking might be also happy.

Only two legs stand from the Gundam statue at the stage where work to assemble the exterior made of FRP (reinforced plastic) to the iron frame frame of the lower half of the body is done now. There is still about 11-meter height, and power ..looking up closely... Moreover, the ground union work of the upper-body was concurrently done, and the waist that had been hung on the work stand like the suspender including the both arms and parts of the chest were put on each place. Whenever the person passes near each part, an extraordinary size is actually felt.


Here is parts of the arm. It is working assembling the exterior while hung.


The skirt (parts of the waist) is put on one's feet.

On the other hand, the plinth of one's feet had completed the subjacent concrete part. The stairs come to be able to be installed before and behind the plinth when general is opened to the public, and to go to one's feet of Gundam. This : as long as the ground of Odaiba is soft, and regret doesn't reach the bedrock of 40 meters in the underground because it is not significant though a basic part of the Gundam statue is "Putting base" structure that "Regret" etc. are not used by contraries. 「When the original state return was considered (ground), it was necessary to make it to the concluded structure. Structural regulations of the building code are cleared, and, of course, it is unquestionable for the influence of wind and rain quite. 」

Leg seen from the back. Some gimmicks seem to enter the part of the calf. Leg at which it looked up from right under. The slope besides the stairs is prepared in the plinth.

The exterior sprays clear painting that gives the urethane painting used also for the skyscraper etc. to FRP of thickness and uses fluoroplastics. Production is said, "It visited the one with amount of similar feeling named the aircraft and Shinkansen before actual work was done and how etc. to put out Tsuya were learnt" according to the person in charge.

The exterior made of FRP is considerably thick. If the whole body of the total height 18 meters is completed, the gross weigh becomes 35 tons though it must be far lighter than three honeycomb layer structure of the Luna titanium alloy.

When parts of the chest are seen, it is understood that many nozzles for the mist jet are set up in the interior of the louver. It is scheduled to install the lighting gimmick in this interior, and to synchronize it when completing it. The appearance to which Gundam is radiated is reproduced in the reality.

Chest parts. It is a nozzle for the mist jet that sees in the interior of the louver. The lighting gimmick is installed, and synchronized with this interior.

Completed parts such as a skirt, trunks, and right and left arms are scheduled to install the exterior in the ankle and the arm, and to put it one by one in the future. The head is sure to be assembled in the first half of June, and to show an appearance near a finished type. In a general opening on July 11 to the public, the head operates up and down and right and left, and the mist come to jet it from 14 places such as louvers of both chests and verniers of the ankle and the back besides about 50 places like the warning light etc. of both eyes and both shoulders emit light.

Here is a model of a finished type (1/30 sizes). Let's imagine the spectacle when the photograph above and additionally completing it. By the way, I want you to say to seeing at ease at opening general to the public because there are a stall and a rest room in the plaza in the sun, too.


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