It is new influenza and the vicinity is in front of Osaka Prefecture Ibaraki City Station in the state of the ghost town.

  • 2009/05/19(火) 02:23:26

There were indeed considerably a lot of ratios of the person who was doing the mask in the Hanshin train about daytime around 12 o'clock. The mask wearer of the Hankyu train is comparatively ..the stop in Ibaraki City.. few. It was not said that the person was few even if getting off to Ibaraki City, and felt odd as trying the return at night and walking toward in front of Hankyu Ibaraki City Station. Movie taking a picture beginning. It was a state of the ghost town quite different from usually. The person is usually walking more fully. It cannot be believed that no one walks.

The movie : as follows.

There is no voice. The taking a picture time must have been about 22 o'clock. At least, it is not usually a place where no one walks at such time it. Therefore, the car is usually running.

Perhaps, it is feeling of 95% decrease from usually. It is also impressive that the person who is getting on and is doing the mask was almost none at all.


…… that where person is to begin with little?…… though it must always be not rattling.


Really do it become popular or do the dead go out and very do it become it?It could not help becoming considerably uneasy feelings if it thought. It only prays that it be time zone by chance by chance where the person doesn't exist.


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Wow like a Ghost Town

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