Does "Evangelion cellular phone" of the NERV specification appear from DoCoMo?The notification page opens.

  • 2009/05/19(火) 00:42:26


It has been understood that "[Evak-Phone]" appears from NTT DoCoMo. It is told that the notification page of "EVANGELION2.0 X NTT docomo" ( opens in the site of "Eva" (schedule of opening to the public on June 27), and details will be announced in a few days. Do it really become an announcement then and there though DoCoMo holds the symposium of the model in summer on May 19?

The studio color of the production company completely takes charge of the design to this Eva cellular phone with the cell [nohideaki] supervisor. It is said that the reality will be pursued until arriving at not only the main body but also the accessory and the package as NERV special specification model designed for the movie.

Shape, the size, the base model, and the development manufacturer are uncertain though the design picture written the logo coke and “NERV ONLY" of NERV can be confirmed in the notification page. It is likely to appear in the play having been planned for the movie.


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