Does the standard nomenclature of "PSP2" : to "PSP Go"?The very large memory and the high-resolution camera, etc. rumor installing.

  • 2009/05/16(土) 15:24:49


New model PSP seems to be likely to become a name of "PSP Go" equipped with the high-resolution camera and the very large memory though it was told to be expected that Sony will announce "PSP2" or "PSP-4000" with FJ2Z as a new model of PSP before.

What model do it really become though it is new model PSP with the story of installing the touch screen, too?The above-mentioned image is an image image.

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To the university after Asasyoryu retires"I am Keio. "

  • 2009/05/05(火) 18:23:59


It has been understood to contemplate entering of Japan in the university as a plan after the grand champion sumo wrestler and AsaSyoRyu of the Grand Sumo Tournament retire. A person near AsaSyoRyu related to Mongol : on the fourth. 「(going on to school)The consultation has been received. Declaredly in front of the international student, "Become a university student", and it seems to hope for the school in Japan. 」It talked. AsaSyoRyu acquires permanent resident's resident status in Japan on April 27. It seems to hold the ambition of the doctor's degree acquisition on the other hand though it is considered highly probable to act the business in Japan and Mongolia after it retires.

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The introduction of the streaming service is examined for Nintendo, Wii, and the Nintendo DS.

  • 2009/04/12(日) 07:21:03

What is News of Japan today?
The introduction of the streaming service seems to be examined though it is very good exceed 50 million sales numbers also by game machine "Wii" of leaving untouched besides handheld game platform "Nintendo DS" exceeds 100 million sales numbers Nintendo.

Because it is a platform widespread worldwide, whether it achieves it is anxious.

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Is "PSP2" or "PSP-4000" does install the touch screen etc. and appearance within the year?

  • 2009/04/12(日) 06:34:43

What is News of Japan today?
The change in a specification great as a large-scale touch screen is installed though it is "PSP2 (Or, PSP-4000)" assumed that the UMD drive might be abolished seems to be added.

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